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St. Lawrence Cruise Lines

Experience the marriage of classic steamboat style to modern technology against a backdrop of interesting ports of call, a congenial crew committed to excellence in comfort and service, modern conveniences and amenities expected by today’s traveller, a very real camaraderie among passengers, and always, the rivers. We regard travel as one of life’s special experiences, to be savoured, to be recalled with a special feeling. So, we keep you informed every nautical mile of the journey.

We know our rivers well. You will have access to charts, hear appropriate commentaries, and enjoy our daily newsletter. Our cruise directors are specialists in gracious thoroughness and kind attention to special events. Our Grand Saloon and decks provide a complete range of choices for quiet comfort and open activity. And, your Canadian crew is a special well trained, meticulously groomed group of people who do everything necessary to make your shipboard experience truly memorable.

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