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Historic Buildings, Museums and Heritage Sites

Visit Canada’s oldest railway tunnel which begins at Blockhouse Island in Brockville and runs for several blocks under the city to the waterfront. Go back in time with a tour through Fulford Place and get a glimpse into the lavish lives of the region’s most successful business people.

For all its well-preserved history, Brockville is far from just a museum piece. You’ll find theatre and entertainment at the Brockville Arts Centre, live music during the annual 1000 Islands Jazz and Blues Festival and outdoor summer festivals on the waterfront.

Plus, a new exciting addition is the Aquatarium; a fun and interactive way to learn about the history of the 1000 Islands.


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Brockville 1000 Islands at its Best

Dive into a Whole New World
Dive into a Whole New World
The Theatre is Ready to Entertain
The Theatre is Ready to Entertain
Museums and Historical Sights
Museums and Historical Sights
Cruising is a Must-See and Do
Cruising is a Must-See and Do


The Aquatarium is an engaging, fun filled, educational and interactive center where visitors can explore the history of this region, all year round. This 27,000 square foot centre showcases the diverse waters and wildlife of the St. Lawrence River and 1000 Islands. Best of all, you and your kids will love it!

A visit to the Aquatarium is a gateway to a world of underwater immersion where fish tanks showcase the diverse environment of the St. Lawrence River. You’ll get up close to a variety of fish species and underwater perspective of a shipwreck as you walk through the underwater tunnel.

Ahoy, matey! You can also climb through the rigging of a tall ship with the one-of-a-kind ropes course! This activity is engaging and interactive for kids and adults alike. Instructors are on hand to ensure that climbers safely learn to navigate this unique climbing adventure. Navigate to the edge of the deck—where a 4-storey quick jump awaits! Take the 40-foot AquaDrop to the ground floor, or take a comfortable slide off the SS Kingston. There’s even a mini ropes course and scramble net for the littlest explorers.

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When you plan your visit make sure to be there when the playful otters get fed at 11:30 a.m. These furry friends invite you to take a step out of the ordinary and explore the 1000 Islands from their point of view. The 3 aquatic denizens will keep you captivated as they swim and play throughout the massive glass-enclosed river habitat, complete with a rushing waterfall for the otters to delight in as they put on a show without even realizing it. This is just a fraction of what there is to see and do at the Aquatarium, making this a wonderful family-friendly attraction in The Great Waterway.

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Scuba Diving at its Best

Brockville and the surrounding areas are a prime scuba-diving attraction in fact many say it has some of the best diving in the world. Here you’ll find one of the largest fresh-water lakes with great visibility that ranges from 30-100 feet, and bottom temps typically being 39-41 degrees Fahrenheit. This combined with a history of violent storms and as being a major shipping route in the early 1900’s has made for some of the best wreck diving in the world.

This area offers out of ordinary opportunity to explore dozen of historic and archaeologically rich underwater sites, many of them century old shipwrecks.



A quick list of those to check out include:

Muscallonge, Robert Gaskin, John B. King, Lillie Parsons, Henry C Daryaw, America, The Keystorm, Kingshorn, Roy A. Jodrey, A.E. Vickery, The George A. Marsh, The George T. Davie, The Wolfe Islander, The Munsun, The Comet, Olive Branch, City of Sheboygan, Katie Eccles, Kingston Trimix Wrecks, and The Funnel.


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The Theatre is Ready to Entertain

Located in the world famous 1000 Islands region, the Brockville Arts Centre presents some of the best live theatre and live entertainment concerts in Eastern Ontario and the 1000 Islands. This beautifully restored heritage theatre is well known for its comfort, friendly staff, big stage and exceptional acoustics.

Going to a show at the Brockville Arts Centre is like stepping into an old English music hall. Much of the original building still stands from when it was originally built in 1858. And it’s been through quite a lot – surviving two World Wars, the Great Depression and a catastrophic fire. Today, the Brockville Arts Centre lives up to its reputation as an arts hub for the 1,000 Islands region, and one of the finest medium-sized theatres in Canada. Each season, the Arts Centre offers a diverse line-up of musicals and plays put on by local theatre companies and companies from across the country.

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The Brockville Arts Centre’s location just a few steps away from the St. Lawrence River in downtown Brockville gives you easy access to 30 different places for dinner and drinks before or after the show. A wide variety of home-style bakeries, pubs, and bistros satisfy whatever taste you’re craving. Charming tearooms and outdoor patios can also fit the bill, if you’re in the mood for a cool drink and light meal out on the waterfront.

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Museums and Historical Sights

With a rich history dating back to the 1770s, Brockville and the surrounding region is now home to a wide range of historical sites and museums. Explore Brockville on foot and visit Brockville’s Designated Heritage Sites and Cultural Heritage Properties. Walk along The Brock Trail and and read about the waterfront sites of historical significance. Along the trail, visit Brockville’s newest museum and waterfront attraction, the Aquatarium; enter Canada’s Oldest Railway Tunnel; and step into the Brockville Museum. Visit Fulford Place National Historic Site, and even fire a canon at Fort Wellington Historic Site.

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Explore multiple museums and historical sites all in one weekend during Doors Open. Brockville & the 1000 Islands take part in Doors Open annually at the end of May. Thirty to fourty sites take part each year, opening their doors for the public to visit and explore for free. Many of the participating sites are otherwise not open to the public, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

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A Beautiful Voyage

1000 Islands and Seaway Cruises

No visit to Brockville would be complete without a 1000 Islands Cruise. Founded in 1994, 1000 Islands and Seaway Cruises has played host to tens of thousands of visitors annually aboard their fleet of modern, Transport Canada certified vessels. In recognition of the trend towards shorter cruises, in 2011 they introduced a high-speed catamaran, the ‘WildCat’ adding an adventurous alternative to the traditional sightseeing cruise experience. Climb aboard the ‘Wildcat’ and experience the Islands like never before as you’re whisked into the heart of the 1000 Islands on their two-hour “AdrenIsland” cruise featuring a view of both Boldt and Singer Castles or, experience the Cat for less aboard the one-hour “Singer Castle Express”.

If speed is not your thing, then choose from a variety of traditional cruises. In the shoulder season, 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises h its the road (sort-to-speak) with special Rideau Canal and Seaway Programs in outlying communities. Experience the rich history of the Rideau Canal on full-day and two-day cruises or explore other parts of the mighty St. Lawrence River on short-term programs from Morrisburg and Cornwall.
In defiance of the adage that “Bigger is Better”, 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises prides itself on its ability to deliver a more relaxing, comfortable and intimate cruising experience than our larger competitors and a unique variety of cruise products that will keep bringing you back.
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Rockport Cruises

Rockport Cruises showcases all the major features of the islands including Zavikon Island, Boldt Castle and Millionaire’s Row. The most popular cruise, Palaces & Palisades of the 1000 Islands is an Ontario Signature Experience. Enjoy a lunch or dinner cruise or take in a two castle tour.

Rockport Cruises has the advantage of being in the Heart of the 1000 Islands, so they can show you all the highlights the islands have to offer on any of their cruises. Rockport Cruises offers 7 different cruises, each one showcasing exhilarating panoramic views and the rugged nature of the 1000 Islands plus a view or visit to the famous Boldt Castle on every tour. Each season brings something special to the 1000 Islands and it is a photographer’s dream come true. There is no better way to experience the contrast of blue skies, bright foliage and golden hues, crimson reds and fiery oranges and all of mother nature’s brilliance than from the St. Lawrence River.

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