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Settlers Trek 2016

A 6 Day Trek covering a 97.5k trail similar to the route from Brockville to Perth travelled in 1816 by the original settlers of the Perth Military Settlement. A trek-pace of 5km/hr will be maintained.  Please ensure you are at this fitness level before registering.

Day Trekkers are charged $20/day.  Required meals can be reserved and paid for on this site.  6-Day Trekker fee of $200 includes 3 meals per day and camp sites.  Refund (less deposit of $50) allowed until April 15th.

We will have medical assistance throughout the trek.  Please check with your insurance company to ensure you have medical and personal injury coverage.  Bring your own water bottle as refill stations will be provided.

Capped at 40 full trek participants.  Registration closed May 10 at 5pm.