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Upper Canada Village becomes the stage for Eve of Confederation

Upper Canada Village will become a grand outdoor stage for the new theatre production Eve of Confederation opening on Canada Day, July 1 at 6:30 p.m and running on Saturday evenings until August 19.

Follow a small-town romance between Elizabeth, William and Edward as the story plays out in and around Upper Canada Village’s original 19th century buildings. Listen in on village gossip and hear what people think about the confederation scheme that’s in the air.

Meet the Players:

The Robertsons – wealth, prestige and old-fashioned sensibility

Mrs. Robertson (played by Rachel Kelleher) runs her home as successfully as Mr. Robertson (played by Martin Fobert) runs his businesses. She married up in life and will ensure her daughter Elizabeth (played by Susan Del-Mel) does the same. Elizabeth is a well-to-do debutante who is torn to choose between two men.

Captain William Johnson (played by Erik Hutten) – dashing, enterprising with a keen eye for business

Fresh back from the Civil War, Johnson is now concentrating on setting himself up for the future. Elizabeth would make a beautiful addition to his household.

The O’Briens – bad luck, but good people

Dealt an unlucky hand in life, Edward (played by Michael Taggart)and his tomboy sister Rosie (played by Emily Flake) make do, thanks in part to the generosity of Edward’s long time friend Elizabeth and her parents.

Samuel and Jonathan – always something in their pockets

Two boys about town, Samuel (played by Adam Vivian) has plans as large as his mouth. Jonathan (played by Aidan Coulter) has a cow to show at the fair.

Featuring a family-friendly script based on archival documents and historic newspapers, this memorable production will make you feel like you’ve stepped right into the eve of Confederation in a way that can’t be experienced anywhere else!

A limited number of tickets are available for each production, advance ticket purchase is highly recommended. Purchase tickets online at