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SUP Kingston

SUP Kingston was created in 2013 by Myra MacDonald, a stand up paddle boarding enthusiast and instructor, competitive runner, and educator.

Lessons are delivered throughout Kingston by Paddle Canada, PaddleFit, and World Paddle certified instructors. SUP Kingston is mobile, thereby maximizing lesson accessibility while seeking skill level appropriate water conditions for clients.

Stand Up Paddling is easy to learn and provides participants with a full body workout in a water sport that provides increased visibility above and into the water in a super friendly paddling community. No prerequisite is necessary other than an ability to swim and a desire for adventure! Join us for Basic and Advanced SUP Lessons, or combined land and water workouts through PaddleFit training! SUP Kingston is a PaddleSmart Trainer and safety is paramount.

We are stoked to welcome you to join us on Kingston’s liquid gym!

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