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Traynor Family Vineyard

Traynor Family Vineyard is in the heart of The County. The quaint 5.5 Acre vineyard sits at the corner of Danforth Road and Loyalist Parkway in Hillier. Mike Traynor purchased the property in 2008. It was a frozen cornfield, and he could see his vision from that very moment. A beautiful bright space with friendly faces, delicious lunches and of course award winning wines.

Mike started in the wine industry in 1997, beginning in primary roles such as a laborer, and through strong work ethic, education, and craftsmanship he worked his way up to being Canada’s youngest winemaker at the age of 22. Through the years, he has stayed in the industry while also applying his management skills, acting as president, to some of Canada’s fastest growing organic poultry companies.

He has since left his Bay Street role and has made his dream become reality by applying his business and winemaking skills, every day, at the winery. He and his family enjoy their residence in The County.

Mike’s dedication to creating high-quality wines in Prince Edward County is evident, but his passion and love for farming is something you can only imagine unless you come into 1774 Danforth Road and meet the man himself.