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Wolfe Springs Golf & Waterfront Resort

Wolfe Springs Golf & Waterfront Resort is situated on spring-fed Wolfe Lake and located a mere 5 minutes from the beautiful village of Westport. Come experience the charm of the Rideau Lakes area as you enjoy this new Fractional Ownership resort that truly offers something for everyone.

Resting directly on the water, guests can enjoy swimming, boating and fishing without having to travel more than ten feet out their front door! A sand beach rests along the waterfront, and campfires and BBQ’s are available for use. Kayaking, canoeing and paddleboating are popular activities at the Resort, alongside biking! There is always something to do at Wolfe Springs!

During the winter months, guests can enjoy snoeshoeing and ice-fishing!

With all these fun things to do, why not stay a while? We would be glad to accommodate you! Hop over to our Accommodations page on The Great Waterway website, or visit us at!