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Two Travellers. One Adventure.

Two strangers embarked on an epic journey across South Eastern Ontario in a quest to discover the sights, sounds and tastes of the region. What Scott and Melissa captured was nothing short of inspiring. If you haven’t visited the region, watch the videos below and see it for yourself. There are many amazing hidden gems along the way!
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Melissa is the co-founder and co-owner of Improbable Escapes. Through an illustrative career spent satisfying her thirst for adventure, Melissa has earned her degree in psychology, studied firefighting, and has gained a rich array of life experiences. As an inspired businesswoman and entrepreneur, she is passionate about empowering, inspiring and encouraging others. She enjoys sharing about her experiences in business, traveling and networking with people around the world. Her passion for traveling, adventure and uplifting others only slightly outmatches her love for dogs!



Scott is an actor and executive producer of Stained Tie Films Ltd. He is also always hungry. Throughout the past 10 years Scott has performed in some of North America’s biggest TV shows, worked alongside some of the worlds finest talent and still managed to find the time to cook locally along the way. After earning a degree in Neuroscience, Scott’s affinity to the arts and culture pulled him away from the lab coat and set him down a path of entertainment. But his passion for adventure and cooking incessantly pulls him around the world to find the best local eats and secret getaways possible. Now, Scott can be seen on the upcoming series The Indian Detective opposite Russell Peters, he teaches comedy in Toronto and is probably having a BBQ as you’re reading this.